Shoot the football to GOAL.

This is weird Football Shooting Game. Where You can't kick the ball but can shoot the ball and reveal interesting story.
Game is 15-30 min long. and also inspired by "The Stanley Parable"

Game is currently in development stage. Please give your important feedback here so we can improve game.


Move your mouse to see around,
WASD or arrows key to walk
Hold Shift to Run
Mouse Left click to shoot




Game Design And Programming
Yashpal Javia

Sound Design
Jon Hillman
Western Audio & Music by John Leonard French

SFX Design
Nova Sound
Andre Nascimento

Tamarin Studio

Fonts By
Dieter Steffmann
Matt McInerney
Juan Pablo del Peral
Para Type ltd

Install instructions

1) Download and unzip file.
Open CowboyFootball Win folder and open "CowboyFootball Windows.exe"

Open CowboyFootball Mac.

You know better than me what to do. :)


Download 43 MB
Download 46 MB
Download 46 MB


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Dang it ! I thought I was playing a silly little game... in my head I was already thinking about the silly little comment I would write afterwards... like "The castle is a lie !"... but then, the game bit me !! It ended up being a reflection of my own life lol

I've walked the "right" path for too long now, and I'm trying to go back to that left path and attempt to reach my own castle... I've succeeded inside the game, hopefully I'll do IRL ! aha

More technically : the limited amount of bullets recreated some of the feelings I feel (like the pressure to use my limited ressources properly, the need to aim well, the limited time, the long journey ahead, the easiness of just going right and forget about it, etc.). I think it's a solid foundation for the game, it could just use some polish around it :)

This game is actually pretty fun. It may not look like much at first, but after a while it gets good. The signs have two sides, make sure to read both. They can be pretty funny

no se si odiarte o amarte jajaja

beautiful logic game, I wait for the next levels, I am anxious to wait for the next levels. my most sincere congratulations for having created a game that gives emotions, and gives you the feeling of really being in that world. SUPER

play the Aphex Twin song "Gwarek2" over this

Brilliant! Very simple but fun concept, with a beautiful set of surprises!

Wow :D

This is the game I never knew I needed! Enjoyable, funny and surreal...

I hate you  I love you

the funnest [art was trying to find different angles to try to beat it in the fewest shots possible. At least to me